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Three Tips For Surviving Your Pet's Stay In An Animal Hospital

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Pets quickly become beloved family members, so it can be very stressful and upsetting when a pet needs to be hospitalized for critical care due to illness or after a serious injury. Luckily, most pet hospitals employ experienced and compassionate veterinarians and vet techs who work around the clock to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible. Use the following tips to help you survive their hospitalization:

Try to Stay Calm

Many pet parents experience anxiety about leaving their pet in an animal hospital overnight for treatment. It is important to take a deep breath and try to remain calm in this type of situation. Most pets are actually very resilient and do just fine being away from home for a night or two. This can be especially true when a pet is ill or injured. Try to remember that the animal hospital staff will take very good care of your pet and do everything possible to help him start to feel better again.

Visit the Animal Hospital

Most animal hospitals allow pet parents to visit their ill pets who have been admitted for care. But you must realize that much like normal hospitals, animal hospitals may have visiting hours in place to help ensure that the vets and vet techs can provide treatment and care when needed, and they may not be able to do so with other people in the room.

It is important to adhere to an animal hospital's visiting policy in order to not cause disruptions. You should be aware that if your pet is in the intensive care unit, visiting hours may be very limited. 

Contact the Animal Hospital for Updates

When your pet is ill and has been admitted to an animal hospital, it is natural to be nervous and want updates on his condition. But try to avoid calling the animal hospital frequently to ask how your pet is doing. If you call too often, the vet techs caring for your pet will have to abandon care in order to take your phone call.

Rest assured that the veterinarian on duty will call you with important updates throughout your pet's stay. The animal hospital will also likely call you if there is a major change in your pet's condition that may require surgery or other invasive procedures. The main goal of the staff at an animal hospital is to provide exemplary care, but they will also make sure that pet parents are informed.