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2 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Have Your Dog's Teeth Cleaned

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Just as with humans, animals have a mouth full of teeth that are going to need to be cleaned. However, many pet owners don't seem to realize just how important it is that they take the time to clean their pet's teeth themselves, as well as by the veterinarian. Having your dog's teeth cleaned by the vet is going to allow them to have a full cleaning and analysis done to ensure that you are brushing their teeth while and that they have good oral health overall. Your vet is also going to have access to some cleaning tools that you likely don't have, allowing them to give your dog the best cleaning possible. What you may not realize, when it comes to cleaning your dog's teeth, is how much of a negative impact not cleaning them can have. There are two reasons why it is so important to have your dog's teeth cleaned.

Bacteria From The Gums Can Spread 

One negative thing that can happen if you don't take the time to brush your dog's teeth and have them cleaned at the vet is the spread of bacteria. There are certain bacteria that grow in your  dog's gums when their teeth are not properly cared for. This bacteria, however, isn't going to stay in your dog's gums if they are infected, but will instead travel in their blood stream to other parts of their body. Some of the more serious parts that it can travel to are their heart, their kidneys, their liver, and other vital organs. This can make them incredibly sick, and can eventually kill them if the spread of infection becomes too severe.

Prevents Tooth Loss

Your dog needs their teeth to chew their food, to chew bones, to protect themselves from wild animals, and more. Because of this, it is so important that they have a mouth full of teeth are are properly functioning for them. One issue that comes along with poor dental care for your dog, is the loss of their teeth. However, when you take your dog into the vet to have their teeth cleaned regularly, the vet can ensure that your dog's teeth are clean and that they are free from cavities or other infections that may cause the tooth to fall out or need to be pulled because it is in such bad shape and caused your dog pain. 

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