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Lop-Eared Rabbits: An Overview Of Grooming Requirements You Should Know

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With a docile temperament and an adorable, sleepy appearance, there is no question that any lop-eared rabbit breed will catch your eye when you are choosing a pet bunny. While these little hoppers definitely make good companions and excellent pets whether kept indoors or out, they also have some special grooming requirements to be considered. Check out some of the basic grooming tasks you will be responsible for when you take home a lop-eared bunny as your own.

Trim your bunny's nails as needed

Just like other bunnies, your lop-eared bunnies nails will continuously grow. In the wild, this is not so much of an issue because the bunny spends its days walking and running across rough surfaces that naturally files the nails. However, when a lop-eared rabbit is kept as a pet, you will have to trim your bunny's nails as they grow too long so they don't injure themselves or you. This is easy to do with a set of small animal nail clippers, but may require you to have someone help hold the bunny.  

Brush your bunny with a soft-bristled brush on a regular basis

Part of properly grooming your bunny will be brushing it to remove any shedding hair, which can cause problems in its digestive process in high amounts, and to prevent matting. Just remember that rabbits have sensitive skin, so you must use a rabbit-approved grooming comb or a soft-bristled brush for the job.

Clean your lop-eared bunny's ears consistently

One of the biggest differences between caring for other bunnies and your lop-eared bunny will be the fact that you have to be more attentive to its ears. Because the lop-eared bunny has long ears that sit close to the ground or even touch the ground, the can get dirtier a lot faster. Use a moist, soft cotton cloth to wipe down the inside and outside of your lop's ears on a regular basis. Doing so will prevent the ear from getting soiled, but will also prevent the development of bacteria that can cause infected abscesses.

Check your bunny's feet for matted fur and dirt

Your lop-eared bunny's feet can be kind of small in relation to the rest of its body. Therefore, their feet bear a great deal of weight and must be properly groomed. Check the bottom of the rabbit's feet when you are grooming and remove any small matted hair tangles and droppings that may be entwined in the soft fur.

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