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Want To Help Your Cat Heal After Dental Surgery? 4 Ways To Prepare Before Coming Home

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Helping your cat recover after they get dental surgery is an essential part of taking care of your cat since they could end up hurting their mouth and needing further dental work done. While the veterinarian you visit will likely have instructions for how to take care of your cat once their dental care has been finished, you may still be confused about what you need to do.

The following tips can all ensure that your cat has a speedy recovery and that their dental work heals without any conflicts:

Set Aside a Quiet Place for Your Cat to Rest

The most important thing to keep an eye out for when you're helping your cat recover from a dental surgery is having a quiet place that they can relax. Depending on how busy your home is, it can be too stressful for your cat to feel comfortable after getting medical work done.

Setting up a space for your cat to rest in another room can help go a long way towards making sure that your cat doesn't feel nervous and is able to recover without any added stress.

Temporarily Eliminate Any Dry Foods

Whether your cat got a lot of dental extractions done or they just had an intensive cleaning done. You'll need to take care of choosing the right foods for your cat. What this means is skipping their typical dry food since the hard surface and sharp edges of their dry food can cut their mouths and hinder the recovery process.

Moistening their dry food with water or switching to wet food temporarily can help ensure that your cat isn't going to be uncomfortable when eating.

Keep Other Pets Away from Your Cat

If you have any other pets at home, you need to consider the likeliness that they can bother your cat. Whether you have other cats or a dog, you'' want to make sure that they're kept away from your cat as they recover since they can often lead to added stress. Keeping your cat in their own room can help ensure that they have peace and quiet as they recover.

Stick with Any Prescribed Medications

Your veterinarian will prescribe your cat with some medication, but they'll need to take. Whether this means antibiotics or painkillers, you need to make sure to keep up with giving them their medications on time.

Taking care to ensure that your cat is getting their medications and aren't going to be stressed out can make all the difference in their recovery. Contact a vet like Robert Irelan DVM for more information and assistance.